Civil Defense Club is a sub department in the Ministry of Interior which is owned by the government of Qatar. Regency Hotel Management maintain all club facilities including all F&B catering services, rooms management, pool management, general housekeeping of club, fitness center, meeting rooms, theatre and club administration offices

Milaha is a semi-government company that are the region’s biggest players in the oil, gas & petrochemical sectors as well as major importers, exporters and shipping companies. Regency Hotel Management manages their café and restaurant for over 400 meals a day and all outdoor catering including VIP board meetings.

Halul offshore services company is the offshore and marine services arm of the Milaha Group. Regency Hotel Management supplies chefs, food and beverage services that we cater and prepare on their vessels.

Regency Group Holdings is one of Qatar’s oldest and largest business entities. It’s one of the leading corporations in the state, with several divisions across a wide range of industries. It’s a common fact that your biggest critic is always yourself. Regency Hotel Management’s latest venture is at the iconic Al Asmakh tower where we are creating a center of excellence as well as a fully functioning restaurant; a place where our team can develop, shine and deliver a true hospitality experience.